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Written by Robert Silverstein
July 19, 2021 - 5:22pm EDT
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Sounding like a one-man symphony orchestra, Florida-based Kelly Andrew puts on a dazzling performance on his 2021 album Revelation. With seventeen tracks, clocking in at 64 minutes, Revelation may sound over the top at times yet equally it’s quite impressive how one man can play every orchestral instrument with a full line of synthesizers and computer-based gear. Although it’s being heralded as a major New Age instrumental album, with its full line of crescendos and sweeping synth strings, Revelation is much more geared to be considered as a rock-based instrumental soundtrack music ala movie music mogul Hans Zimmer, for example. In some ways it also sounds influenced by Mike Oldfield and his rock-based symphonic instrumentals, especially during his early 1980s QE2 era. The CD is nicely packaged with cool artwork and there are some mentions of other people that enhanced the quality of the music. With his new and momentous album release, Kelly Andrew puts on quite a colorful display of instrumental electronic music fireworks with the impressive, dynamic sounds on Revelation.