Album Review of
Seven Guitar Miniatures

Written by Robert Silverstein
January 17, 2022 - 3:43pm EST
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Although he released his album Respite Guitar in 2021, progressive classical guitarist Tom Salvatori is back in early 2022 with a newly recorded seven track, 21-minute CD appropriately called Seven Guitar Miniatures. Some of the best classical guitar repertoire consists of short bursts of nylon-string instrumental guitar magic and Seven Guitar Miniatures follows that concept to a tee. Although Respite Guitar also featured seven classic guitar solos, it also had as track eight a 28-minute Respite Guitar In Nature Suite that combined all the tracks with added sound effects from nature. Seven Guitar Miniatures focuses solely on Tom’s guitar solos with only the seven tracks and no suite blending them together with nature sounds.

Speaking about his new solo album, Tom tells RMR, It’s a follow-up of sorts to the Respite Guitar release from last year - just me 'tending to my knitting' and releasing pieces I’ve composed over the past several months. It is available on CD from our websites and it is doing well on the streaming sites - Pandora especially.”

Tom is renowned as a student of both classical guitar and progressive rock guitarists like Steve Howe and Steve Hackett – two major exponents of incorporating classical nylon-string motifs and themes into the prog-rock genre. Each of the seven tracks on Seven Guitar Miniatures is a profound, mini masterpiece in its own right. You can hear his early works and influences on a variety of solo albums he's released on his label but for an intriguing insight into Tom Salvatori’s current guitar outlook, track down the latest examples of his guitar expertise on Seven Guitar Miniatures.