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Written by Robert Silverstein
July 3, 2022 - 4:05pm EDT
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Singer-songwriter Su Andersson learned about bravery, as we all did, in the light of these strange times. Inspired by her new found musical liberty, Su has taken pen to paper and composed ten fresh songs that not only reflect the times we live in, but that also shows just how far she has come since her acclaimed 2020 album, Train Stories. Whereas that album was an outward burst of musical creativity reflecting her train travels all across the U.S., 2022’s 34-minute, 10-track Brave album finds the celebrated Swede going deeper and the result sets a new standard of musical excellence in the modern pop-rock era.

Sparking the sound of Brave is Su’s new songs as well as the choice of musicians assisting in her latest musical outing, including Brave co-producer Henning Sernhede. Henning co-produced Brave as well as adding in all forms of guitar, electric and acoustic, and mando guitar, sitar guitar, keyboards and synths. Jonas Abrahamsson adds in drums and piano, while several guest artists join Su on backing vocals and a series of duets. Even with a star-studded crew of supporting musicians, the key to Brave is her new songs.

As Su tells it in her Brave liner notes, “Restrictions of freedom only enhanced my desire to want to interact with other people no matter how insular a world we might have found ourselves in.” As Brave reveals, the human desire to transcend dread and emptiness in times of hardship can lead not only to acts of courage, but can also point the way to new artistic breakthroughs. In a world of angst and war, with Brave Su Andersson gives music fans reasons to be optimistic and brave.