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Written by Joe Ross
March 12, 2023 - 10:40am EDT
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Formed by Marina Tomás Amado and Maria Cruz Millet, ARAR establishes its intimate musical character by fusing their two sparkling voices with carefully-cultivated colorings of guitar, percussion, piano and saxophone. Their ten compositions were born from the collaboration of the two musicians and sonic exploration with their instruments. It’s this strong joint vision that allows them to succeed with a project that yields warm, powerful, memorable music in tracks such as “Simulacres,” “Gamma Velorum,” “I Dius Adéu” (And Say Goodbye), “Resiliència” (Resilience), “Esta Pausa Larga” (This Long Break), “Cucut” (Cuckoo), “Eclipsi Llunar” (Lunar Eclipse), “Dai Daradai,” “Cuanto Tienen Que Brillar Las Cosas Para Verlas (Bien)” (How Shiny Do Things Have To Be To Be Good), and “Yorá.”  (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)