Album Review of
It'll Never Happen Again

Written by Robert Silverstein
March 21, 2023 - 2:48pm EDT
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One of the great American songwriters of the 20th Century, Tim Hardin is paid tribute on It’ll Never Happen Again, a six track CD released in early 2023 by Jeff Larson. Larson has been on the cutting edge of Americana pop for decades and has worked with some of the great music legends. Produced by Gerry Beckley, co-founder of the early 1970s pop group America, It’ll Never Happen Again, subtitled A Tim Hardin Tribute is a stellar example of the power that Hardin’s music still has on today’s music scene.

Backing Jeff Larson on It’ll Never Happen Again are some fine musicians including producer Gerry Beckley (piano, guitar, drums, strings), Gerry’s son Matt Beckley (electric guitar), jazz legend Rick Braun (trumpet) and Ry Cooder’s son Joachim Cooder (drums, percussion). Other guest musicians also take part on varous tracks and Jeff’s vocals and acoustic guitars are in fine form throughout. With multiple albums to his credit, Jeff Larson adds to his notable legacy with this short, but sweet tribute to the late, great Tim Hardin.