Album Review of
Greetings From Planet Love

Written by Robert Silverstein
October 9, 2023 - 5:45pm EDT
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It strikes me as odd that I don’t remember seeing or ever hearing about the 1997 release of Greetings From Planet Love by The Fraternal Order Of All when it supposedly came out back in ’97, but here it is again, probably for the first time for most of us. As is indicated in the booklet of the 25 year reissue of this rare album, in fact Andrew Gold is The Fraternal Order Of All, playing everything in sight, and on certain tracks, with the aid of the estimable songwriting of Graham Gouldman of 10cc fame.

It's quite rewarding and revealing that these two legendary masters of pop production and songwriting, Gold and Gouldman lived to live out their sonic fantasies on what has turned into this 21 track CD reissue of a near forgotten classic, and no one is left out. The Byrds, Beatles, Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, Dylan and more are not so much ‘sent up’ as  they are paid a unique and wonderful tribute to. Some of the tracks are more evocative and traceable, yet it’s done with such technical finesse and opaque precision that you will think you’re back in 1968 again.