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Written by Robert Silverstein
November 15, 2023 - 6:04pm EST
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A member of The Erik Dahl Ensemble, Anna Cochrane (violin / viola) is also part of the acclaimed acoustic World Music trio from Sweden known as Tzeitel. In this trio Anna teams with Sara Fridholm (accordion / vocals) and Christopher Andersson Bång (double bass). Performing together as the Swedish-based Tzeitel for over a decade, the trio furnishes their sound to great effect on the 2023 release of their 9-cut, 36 minute album. The resulting album, the group’s fourth to date, Drömfarden, can be best described as a modern-day, traditional sounding Swedish folk music with strong Klezmer influences.

Recorded between 2021 and 2023 in Sweden, Drömfarden features a mix of original music and covers of Traditional Nordic folk, while a number of tracks are imbued with an interesting Klezmer Music kind of effect. The album is well recorded and the album art with its colorful CD packaging is also effective.

It’s interesting to note that the album’s Swedish language title, Drömfarden, translates to “The Dream Journey” in English, while the group's name Tzeitel, is actually a Yiddish word that refers to the name Sarah in English, named possibly after the group’s accordion player Sara Fridholm.

Listeners and fans of Swedish-based acoustic music will have a fun time listening to this album of contemporary and traditional folk music. The album is a worthy spin for fans of Ms. Cochrane’s work in Erik Dahl Ensemble, while her composition here, “Hem Och Tillbaka Igen” is a standout track. Influenced by contemporary artists like John Zorn & Masada String Trio and Astor Piazzolla, Tzeitel brings it all back home on an album that skillfully merges charismatic Nordic folk and Klezmer instrumentals.