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Written by Robert Silverstein
December 3, 2023 - 3:54pm EST
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Recorded in Florida and released in early 2023, Anáhata is a shared solo album by Michael Franklin and his brother Timothy Franklin, yet the album features a cast of many fine players. Ostensibly an all-instrumental jazz-fusion album, Anáhata is an elegant sounding album that shines a spotlight on Michael’s keyboards and Timothy's bass playing yet it’s the shared spotlight on the many fine players that gives the album its unique flair.

With the horn section from Tower Of Power driving the spark on the lead-off track “Shinkansen”, Anáhata goes on to feature guest spots by jazz icons like the late great Larry Coryell (guitar) and Billy Cobham (drums) along with lesser known players including Tommy Calton (electric guitars), Olga Kopakova (violin), several horn players and many others.

The overall sound of Anáhata is upbeat yet the album has its share of deep and pensive moments, notably “Ave For Josephine”, a track that features the brothers sharing a neoclassical inspired moment with Olga Kopakova’s violin teamed with Paul Fleury’s cello. The tracks with Billy Cobham are the most fiery fusion moments yet, the entire 8-track, 35-minute album is superbly recorded and produced while the album cover art is equally beguiling.