Album Review of
Boston Texas

Written by Joe Safari
July 9, 2016 - 12:00am EDT
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It makes sense that York, a Boston-based artist, includes that great Northern city along with the Lone Star State in titling his electric and acoustic guitar-driven album. York mixes an alt-rock and alt-country brew drinkable by almost anyone anywhere, often with a none-too-serious side.  “Lets Go to the Beach,” “Big Fan of Why” and “New to You” are mid-80s style post-punk, while “Saw You on Friday,” “Losing Streak” and “Tomorrows” hit a more country-rock groove. But tracks like “Sick of it All” and “I’m Back” prove York’s got a middle-range that’s more serious, soulful and unclassifiable. He’s all over the map, in a good way.