Album Review of
Sea Of Lights

Written by Duane Verh
August 5, 2016 - 12:00am EDT
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Perhaps it was the vintage Nashville recording gear he used that makes Boo Ray’s LA session sound sooooo Music City.  The Carolina-bred singer/guitarist declares his love for “Redneck Rock & Roll” on the leadoff track and delivers much of the same on a set that’s heavy on roadhouse kick with just a touch of studio slick.  With studio backup whose aggregate resume reaches from the Average White Band and Tom Petty to Taylor Swift, a badass country-rock sound emerges to drive Mr. Ray’s multiple airplay-ready tracks. In addition to the opener, standouts include “I Got The Jug”, “Chickens”and title track.  An unexpected country reworking of the Hot Chocolate classic “Emmaline” works well as well.