Album Review of
Till I Reach Bombay

Written by Joe Ross
March 14, 2014 - 12:00am EDT
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Amanda Homi, of English and Indian descent, is a singer-songwriter who crosses genres (world, roots, funk, pop and classical). Now based in New York City, she covers a lot of musical territory in a masterful, yet adventurous, way. If a person enjoys listening to music to conjure up images of far away places and sights, then Homi’s lyrical songs will take you on an enchanting journey.
Homi’s new album Till I Reach Bombay, arranged and produced by Graham Hawthorne (David Byrne, Paul Simon, Suzanne Vega), is a celebration of Ms. Homi’s affinity for music and dance from around the world. Amanda’s musical and spiritual travels are deeply explored in this new exuberant song collection. Her music effortlessly crosses genres (world, roots, pop, classical)  and borders as the characters of her songs journey from New York City to Greece, Italy, India, Colombia, Egypt and Spain (not necessarily in that order).

The album features Amanda Homi on lead and background vocals, zills and harmonium, accompanied by a remarkable cast of musicians and a rich palette of instruments from all over the globe. Graham Hawthorne brings his vast knowledge of world music to the project as the producer, arranger, drummer and percussionist. Ara Dinkjian (Eleftheria Arvanataki, Sezen Aksu) is featured on oud, cumbus and cura saz, Jon Albrink (guitar and vocals), Paul Frazier (Bass, bking vocals), Gary Schreiner (keyboards, accordion, harmonicas) and Joey Cardello (percussion) round out the rhythm section. Guest musicians include Todd Isler (kanjira), Carlinhos Avaco Almeida (cavaquinho),  Megan Gould (violin, baglamas),  Robert Muller (tabla), Joy Askew, Eugene Ruffolo (backing vocals), Guilherme Monteiro and Spiros Exaras (nylon string guitars), John Ragusa, Steve Kenyon and Charles Pillow (flutes and woodwinds).

A well-wrought entry in the world music scene, you’re sure to find Amanda Homi’s music to be engaging, eclectic, tastefully rendered and full of emotional electricity.