Album Review of
Time Will Tell

Written by Mark Gallo
July 25, 2017 - 12:00am EDT
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This is a superb recording. More John Prine than country, Adelman is a first rate songsmith with clever lines like, “I’m gonna love you til the color fades out of my eyes/til the sun turns black/heaven and earth collide.” Recorded live at the Mountain House in Nederland, Colorado, this is a thoroughly enjoyable disc -- reminding us that there are many talented musicians just not getting the exposure they deserve. This clearly deserves that exposure. The clichés that line up on “If It Weren’t For You” is a great smile inducer. While he sings, “If it weren’t for you/I’d be a rolling stone/I’d be another fool, I’d be far from home/I’d have a rusted heart, be all black and blue/be a falling star, be drinking at the bar/if it weren’t for you,” and on “I’m Not Young Anymore,” he laments, “I had time, but time’s a whore/she up and leaves you for another score/Leaves you cold and alone/Forgotten with a dial tone.” With a super tight band of drummer and background vocalist Jake Coffin, bass and background vocalist Ben Wilson, pianist Ben Gallagher, electric guitarist Eben Grace, Adelman’s own vocals and electric guitar light this up. Whether tongue in cheek or deeply sincere, this is a treat.