Album Review of
Southern Blood

Label: Rounder

Genres: Blues, Rock, Folk, Country

Styles: Blues, Roots Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative Country, Contemporary Blues, Blues Rock

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Written by Mark Gallo
September 5, 2017 - 12:00am EDT
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One of the most anticipated albums of the year does not disappoint. The posthumous final record from one of the most recognizable voices of the past 50 years maintains the quality standard that was expected. Produced by Don Was and with cameos by Buddy Miller and Jackson Brown, Allman pays tribute to influential song writers and makes each song his own in the process. The only Allman-penned original is the opening “My Only True Friend,” on which he sings prophetically, “You and I both know/this river will surely flow/to an end.” Classic Allan Brothers-style ringing guitar couching his beautiful voice. The rest of the collection speaks to chapters in his life: Tim Buckley’s “Once I Was,” Dylan’s “Going, Going Gone” and Jerry Garcia’s “Black Muddy River.” Maybe not the songs we expect. In his hands they are classics, again. Classic Willie Dixon (“I Love the Life I Live”) and Lowell George (“Willin’”) make perfect sense. “Love Like Kerosene,” written by his guitar player, Adam Sherrod, is a rocker with pep. The closer, “Song For Adam,” written by Jackson Browne and performed with him is a gorgeous way to close this perfect album and this magnificent career. This is the swan song that only a beautiful soul could deliver.