Album Review of
What It Is

Written by Duane Verh
December 17, 2017 - 12:00am EST
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Whether by design or not, the sound and approach of Free World evoke those of the progressive “horn bands” of the 70’s, such as Lighthouse, Rare Earth and Ten Wheel Drive.  The originals offered up by this Memphis-based eight-piece sport both the brawny horn charts and positive lyric messages that recall that particular sound and that era and do so with a vitality that endures through a most enjoyable set.  Standout tracks include “Deeper By The Minute”, “Dinja Babe”, “It’s Alright” and the instrumentals “Shrimp N’ Grits” and “For The Moment”.  Their energetic take on The Band’s “The Shape I’m In” beats the stiff odds against successfully covering classics.