Album Review of
Life Is A Story

Written by Mark Gallo
January 10, 2018 - 12:00am EST
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One of the most revered bluegrass bands in the land has released a new album. Yes, it’s still a big deal some 40 albums into it. Opening with a nostalgic look back with “Kids These Days,” the bulk of the songs are love or breakup, but there are some exceptions. “Little Girl” is the story of a child raised in a home rife with drugs and alcohol whose “daddy took his life” and she was ultimately sent to a foster care family who surrounded her with love. A poignant and moving story.

“Life to My Days: “I wish we all could live at least until we’re 90/without any cloudy days …and see their ship come sailing in at least one time/I’ve been here long enough to know/that ain’t the way it always goes/so if I’m one of those travelers whose journey gets cut short…all I can say is that I can’t add more days to my life/so I’ll add more life to my days.” The songwriters are band members and some outside sources, and all are first-rate. “I See a Heartbreak Comin’,” a fantastic cover of “What Am I Living For” and the Bill Monroe styled “Love Live Again” ae among the standouts.  Lawson’s always stellar mandolin and vocals drive a band full of virtuosic performers.