Album Review of
Left Unsaid

Written by Robert Silverstein
April 20, 2019 - 3:36pm EDT
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Eclipse Music founder, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Tapio Ylinen proves his artistic worth as a solo artist in early 2019 with the North American CD release of his latest solo album called Left Unsaid (The Longstanding Problems Of Happiness). The six-track, 33 minute CD is filled with an array of memorable, contemporary mainstream pop and rock. Tapio Ylinen (pronounced: eÚ-Lennon) comes from the Northern European country of Finland, yet all the Left Unsaid tracks feature Tapio's English language vocals and guitars backed up by the tight rhythm section of Tatu Rönkkö(drums) and Miikkael Anttila (bass). A skillful champion of Finnish rock and fusion music, Tapio says, "Writing in your second language is never the same as your native language but, then again, I’ve studied English quite a bit and I find that it usually suits rock and blues–based music much better than Finnish. I’ve released music in Finnish as well, like the track “Brother Come Back”. Sometimes it’s possible to translate previous work and sometimes it’s not and so I have songs that either are only in Finnish or only in English and a few that I’ve managed to make work in both languages. Finland has a strong presence in the world of classical music and composers like Sibelius are regularly taught in schools here, so I guess people who listen to more than just mainstream pop are likely to find instrumental music appealing even though it’s been proven by studies that the human voice is the best way to grab the listeners’ attention." A follow up to his 2012 Finnish language vocal album called Nuoruus, the 2019 North American CD release of Left Unsaid is international melodic rock, and with English lyrics printed in the digipak, the spotlight is on Tapio's hook-filled pop-rock vocals and his lively electric guitar playing. Influenced by the classic pop-rock bands of the past, and the cutting edge sound of today, Left Unsaid presents a modern, state of the art-rock sound. With the entertaning sound of Left Unsaid, guitarist / composer Tapio Ylinen establishes himself as an ascending guitar-rock talent.