Album Review of
Metaphysical Attractions

Written by Robert Silverstein
August 11, 2019 - 2:16pm EDT
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For the follow up album to his 2015 album Next Stop, Scotland's great jazz-rock fusion guitar ace John Irvine returned in early 2019 with his third group masterpiece called Metaphysical Attractions. For this release John has assembled an entire new band, including Rich Kass (drums) with added contributions from Rob Ironside (sax) and Gwen Kelso (flute). Primarily featuring John and drummer Rich Kass, the eight cut Metaphysical Attractions sizzles with a dynamic, instrumental jazz-rock fusion magic. Rounding out the album, John also merges his keyboard and bass work into the mix making the album sound even more complete. Mixed and mastered by Stuart Hamilton in Pencaitland, Scotland, John Irvine Band's Metaphysical Attractions takes the 21st century guitar-centric, jazz-fusion sound in some sonically astounding directions. Listeners lucky enough to have heard John Irvine’s earlier albums, Wait & See (2011) and Next Stop (2015) will be in for a pleasant surprise with the 2019 CD release of Metaphysical Attractions.