Album Review of
Wayback Machine

Written by Duane Verh
December 10, 2019 - 8:25pm EST
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On Mark Hummel’s excellent 2018 all-instrumental release Harpbreaker the Grammy-nominated blues harp-meister displayed his firm grasp of a number of styles and genres.  Alternating here in the company of the West Coast blues duo The Deep Basement Shakers and Mississippi blues guitarist Joe Beard, Mr. Hummel plants his play firmly in vintage blues ground, paying tribute to the 30’s and 40’s sounds from which the classic postwar Chicago blues era would spawn. The tracks with the DBS are good-timey in nature, Mr. H’s spirited play punctuated by the precocious play of percussionist Dave Eagle. Solid takes from this lineup include Robert Nighthawk’s “Pepper Mama”, Sonny Boy (John Lee) Williamson’s “Cut That Out” and the minor-keyed instrumental “Breathtaking Blues”.  The final three tracks, featuring Mr. Beard on vocals, are of a more intense character, particularly Hummel’s composition “Say You Will”.