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Written by Robert Silverstein
January 12, 2020 - 4:55pm EST
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To the credit of Ian Anderson, he's really in a good mood as he rambles through his recollections in the detailed booklet of the 2019 Chrysalis / Rhino box set of Stormwatch (The 40th Anniversary: Force 10 Edition), which features a stunning remix of the original album by current day rock music guru Steven Wilson. In addition to the remix of the original Stormwatch studio album, Wilson has taken a wide range of unreleased music from that late 1978 to early 1980 period of Tull and remixed and represented it here on a fascinating sounding second CD of Tull rarities. Complete with song lyrics, a full double CD of a live show from March 16th, 1980 in Holland and two DVDs with a wide array of features for the audiophile, this  4CD / 2DVD of Stormwatch is a Tull essential a treasure worth pouring over. Way too many brilliant moments to mention in a brief review but check out the unreleased ten minute version of "Orion" (a highlight from the original album) on the associated recordings disc. Long time fans as well as those who missed Jethro Tull's final 1970's studio album released mere weeks before the dawn of the 1980s, will be bowled over by the Stormwatch: Force 10 Edition remix. The excellent sound quality and the depth of information presented here ensures that this will surely be considered one of the essential reissue box sets of the year.