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Written by Robert Silverstein
March 26, 2020 - 12:00am EDT
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Following his 2017 double CD masterpiece Prayer To The Energy, electronic music innovator Hollan Holmes reemerged in early 2020 with Milestones. Hollan’s seventh album, and first for the Oregon-based Spotted Peccary label, the 65-minute Milestones offers ten tracks of atmospheric, electronic synth-based instrumentals that takes the listener into the depths the inner space. A gifted composer, musician and painter / photographer that also designs his own album covers, Hollan and his music has long been favorably compared to well known German electronic music legends Tangerine Dream and on Milestones the Texas-based artist doesn’t disappoint. Coming from T. Dream’s Berlin school style of electronica, Hollan’s music is best described as a mix of synthesizer soundscapes and otherworldly space music that combines an intricate network of kinetic rhythms, pulsing tones and spiraling musical spaces. The sheer depth and sense of his recording expertise has always separated Hollan from many other present day music practitioners. On Milestones, Hollan reaches yet another sonic plateau on what is certainly bound to become a choice classic of the 21st century synth music genre. For those keeping score of things, the Milestones album also benefits from expert album mastering by two esteemed electronic music artists in their own right—Spotted Peccary founder Howard Givens and Hollan’s long time musical associate Chad Kettering. There’s all kinds of technical data listed on the album packaging, while Hollan’s artwork adorns the cover art, adding more to the album’s sense of wonderment. Highly regarded in the electronic music world for the past decade, synthesizer music maestro Hollan Holmes will please his long time fans, while bringing in a lot of new ones, with Milestones.