Album Review of
Harmony Tales

Written by Robert Silverstein
April 29, 2020 - 11:30pm EDT
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The music of Israel-based multi-instrumentalist Pablo Embon is a great way to take a break from the pressure and tension in the world today. As several writers have already noted, Pablo has released upwards of 20 solo albums of his unique instrumental music and his 2020 album is called Harmony Tales. The prolific nature of Pablo and his music aside, the 12-track Harmony Tales is possibly the crowning achievement in his growing catalog of music releases. The beauty of Pablo’s music centers upon his unique compositional style of writing and arranging as well as his mastery of most keyboards and guitar styles and sounds—from straight ahead jazz to fusion and even rock. Being all instrumental and totally original in nature, Pablo’s music allows the listener’s imagination to run wild. The fact that Pablo was born in Argentina, and that he has been based in Israel for the past 30 years, is not so important to the listener, as Harmony Tales is a world-class album of international instrumental jazz-fusion music at its finest. Some writers have already noted that Harmony Tales is a superb showcase for Pablo’s piano and keyboards skills overall, but the 12-track, 54-minute album is also a fine showing of his guitar skills, as there’s plenty of his fretboard work here too. Speaking about the relaxed nature of his music, Pablo says, "The relaxing nature of my music derives typically from a state of mind. Music has a therapeutic effect on people and sometimes composing that type of music helps myself to some extent as well." Drawing from a wealth of inspiring musical styles, Harmony Tales is brimming with creative songs and solid arrangements that easily dip into the wide world of diverse sounding genres—moving from jazz and funk to Latin sounds and fusion as well. Track after glorious track, Harmony Tales is just that—a totally relaxing album of easy-on-the-ears instrumental music from the all-inclusive musical mind of the multitalented Pablo Embon. In an age of global stress and anxiety, you won’t find a more upbeat sonic elixir than the 2020 CD release of Harmony Tales by guitar / piano maestro Pablo Embon.