Album Review of
Moments and Fragments

Written by Robert Silverstein
June 15, 2020 - 3:31pm EDT
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The cutting edge of 21st century fusion is fully explored with fine detail on the 2020 CD release of Moments And Fragments from Indiana based #Bloomerangs. While that funny hash-tag in front of their name might be a bit confusing, the music on the 13 track album is totally on the mark and quite easy to digest. Featuring the guitar sounds and musical direction of Rodrigo Cotelo, album number two by #Bloomerangs also features key contributions from guitarist Rodrigo, Stefan Lenthe (bass), Clay Wulbrecht (keys) and Chris Parker (drums). Further explaining the band's unique name, band leader Rodrigo Cotelo explains, "No need to pronounce the #, just "Bloomerangs" works. The # was a reaction to having learned about what a hashtag is, just a design choice circa 2015 when the collective was created and we kept it". All the band members split the music writing. Musically, #Bloomerangs are all over the musical map and that’s a good thing. A reverence for straight ahead instrumental jazz is enhanced by the band’s fondness for jazz-rock fusion and progressive instrumental rock, all of which is featured in full display on Moments And Fragments. Music fans into a wide swath of modern day jazz and jazz fusion owe it to themselves to give a listen to #Bloomerangs.