Album Review of
Alone Together Again

Written by Robert Silverstein
November 27, 2020 - 2:23pm EST
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Back in 1967, legendary rock music pioneer Dave Mason rose to fame alongside Steve Winwood as a founding member of Traffic and that period of early psychedelic rock from the late Beatles era is still amazing. After leaving Traffic, Dave moved out to California and in 1970 he released what became his signature rock album Alone Together. An instant hit and an FM radio favorite from day one, Alone Together was a really divergent change from the Traffic sound as Dave went for a more pop-rock groove more inspired more by the West Coast rock of  L.A than that of his native London. At that time in 1970, many great UK guitarists including Dave, Clapton and George Harrison were sounding more inspired by American based artists like Leon Russell, the Allman Brothers and The Band. This sea change from the progressive psychedelic rock sound of early Traffic and Cream to a more rootsy American sounding Top 40 edge was quite apparent on Dave Mason’s breakthrough album Alone Together. With the original album hitting the half century mark in 2020, Dave decided to release a anniversary edition of Alone Together with Dave re-recording the entire album as well as recreating anew the packaging and label art that was featured on the original LP and, it’s truly an eye-opening reenactment of a rock classic. Backing up his vocals and guitar work, Dave’s current band featuring Johnne Sambataro (guitar), Alvino Bennett (drums) and Tony Patler (bass), are joined by a range of guest artists. Even at 74 years young in 2020, Dave Mason rocks his 1970 classic album with a renewed vision, breathing new life into the venerable Alone Together.