Album Review of
Alternate Landscapes

Written by Robert Silverstein
July 6, 2019 - 4:05pm EDT
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Ambient-fusion guitar composer Jon Durant continues to amaze the music world with his 2019 solo CD called Alternate Landscapes. The perfect follow-up to Jon’s 2017 Parting Is album, the four-track Alternate Landscapes album features several cuts that clock in over 15 and 20 minutes with track 2, “Aragon” being the shortest, at nearly 7 minutes. As Jon has said, Alternate Landscapes heavily accentuates his ‘Cloud Guitar’ technique and as a result, his usual lead guitar sound has been further sublimated into the mix, replaced by ethereal, atmospheric ‘Cloud Guitar’ patterns for which Jon is very well-known. Compared to Jon’s work as a member of the adventurous instrumental fusion band Burnt Belief, Alternate Landscapes is yet another compelling Jon Durant solo album filled with impressionistic soundscapes that will surely appeal to listeners that favor ambient-flavored instrumental guitar-centric music.