Album Review of
Blink And You Miss It

Written by Robert Silverstein
April 16, 2021 - 12:42am EDT
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One of the most versatile guitarists in Finland today, Timo Kämäräinen has released a wide variety of solo albums as well as appearing on tracks by other artists that feature his guitar sound and style. My thoughts are that because of the added isolation brought on by the global pandemic of 2020, Timo’s latest album, Blink And You Miss It, is very much a solo album that features the artist’s mainly acoustic instrumental blend of guitar sounds and piano and a rare synth at times. Timo is best known for his intense instrumental jazz-rock group recordings yet Blink And You Miss It incorporates the artist’s self-isolated blend of guitar / piano duets with a focus on classical guitar, folk-jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Tango and even New Age. Being all-instrumental in nature, the tracks just seem to blend right into each other. Of course, the kicker here is that there are actually 22 tracks on this album that clocks in at just under 34 minutes. Some of the tracks have slight incidental sounds that border on film music cues while other tracks are more detailed and fully formed. A good example is track 18, “This Is Not The Future You Expected”, that merges classical guitar arpeggios with synth and what sounds like theremin. On track 16, “The Rejection Of The King” sounds influenced by Chick Corea and Al DiMeola with its dazzling merger of classical guitar and piano. Track 7, “Lifelong Tango” is a very cool Tango-inspired track that combines various acoustic guitars. Some writers have pretty much accurately compared this album to works by Ry Cooder, Jan Akkerman and Leo Kottke. Either way, Blink And You Miss It is highly atmospheric and highly original from an equally eclectic guitar-centric musician. Timo Kämäräinen’s Blink And You Miss It is one of the most intriguing guitar meets piano solo albums of the year.