Album Review of
Can't Get It Out of My Head

Written by Robert Silverstein
August 17, 2022 - 4:23pm EDT
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Upstate NY guitarist Mark Doyle is well known for his instrumental rock albums going all the way back to his 1999 CD Guitar Noir. His 2001 album Out Of The Past featured Mark and Company laying down a variety of prog-rock oldies covers from The Beatles, Doors while his 2019 album Watching The Detectives: Guitar Noir III was a great surf-rock covers album. So it’s not unusual then to discover Mark’s latest production piece is the 10-track, 2022 album from vocalist Mary Fahl. Mary’s latest album, Can’t Get It Out Of My Head is a tribute album of sorts featuring a range of classic covers from ELO, The Mamas & the Papas, George Harrison, Judy Collins, The Moody Blues and a whole lot more.

Highlights are plentiful with the first three classy covers of ELO, Rolling Stones and the Moody’s setting the scene. Mary’s voice is perfectly suited to these rock standards and, as usual Mark Doyle’s guitar / keyboard work is beyond reproach. Sound is excellent as is the CD cover art and booklet featuring track-by-track liner notes by Mary. One can only sit back and wonder when Mary will release her like-minded follow up to the welcome covers only lineup of tracks on Can’t Get It Out Of My Head.