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Written by Robert Silverstein
June 29, 2020 - 2:04pm EDT
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Fans of progressive, instrumental rock music from the U.K. will flip for the 2020 CD from composer / violinist legend Darryl Way. Entitled Destinations, the ten-track album also features Pete Skinner (drums) and Richard Mead (bass), yet, start to finish, the album is a fitting showcase for Darryl’s compositional skills as well as his chops as both a violinist and electric guitarist. Impossible to pin down to one style of music, Destinations is a classic example of eclectic instrumental rock fusion as written and played in the 21st century. In the spirit of Darryl’s previous album Vivaldi’s Four Seasons In Rock, the album release of Destinations is colorful and energetic and filled with impeccable musicianship all around. Every track has something to offer fans of instrumental rock and jazz-fusion. Darryl has claimed that Destinations was inspired by exotic locations and to that point he also adds that “Destinations could be described as programme music, music that evokes atmospheres and impressions.” If classical composers like Antonio Vivaldi and rock pioneers like Pekka Pohjola were alive and recording today, they would sing the praises of Darryl Way’s Destinations.