Album Review of
Gaps in the Stories

Written by Joe Ross
January 18, 2019 - 12:00am EST
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 The music of singer-songwriter Denise Glover, from Seattle, emphasizes rootsy original material with poignancy and soul. Besides singing, Glover plays guitar and mandolin. Her bandmates include Julian Smedley (guitar, violin, viola), Cary Black (bass), Bob Knetzger (Dobro, pedal steel) and Jeff Bush (percussion). The band gives us a passionate acoustic folk and Americana repertoire emphasizing prolific contemporary messages, thoughtful arrangements, graceful instrumentation, and relaxed vocals.

Opening with “Gaps in the Stories,” we hear about forgotten ones searching for meaning and relevance. It’s a stark reminder that life isn’t perfect, but one must stay optimistic and keep on believing. Other songs on the album perpetuate this theme. “Mary the Forgotten One” tells an alternate history of Mary Magdalen. Whether based on a dream or reality, “Medicine Man” calls for restoration of light to dark hollows.  Several of Glover’s songs pose provocative questions. “Crazy Ideas” taps thoughts that are based on fears, and “Nothing” asks for clarification of another’s intentions. “Papa Francesco” questions whether the Pope will “be Francis in practice or only in name?”  Glover’s songs have concise expressions that evoke qualities of life. Song crafting is an art, and Denise Glover has succeeded. While I’d like to hear a little more up-tempo material, her solid approach has a reflective, poetic quality and potential for widespread appeal. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)