Album Review of
Jazz Standards Volume 2: Then Again

Written by Joe Ross
February 26, 2021 - 8:00pm EST
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Henry Robinette wears many hats -- musician, artist, composer, band leader, studio owner, audio engineer, educator. A superior jazz guitarist, Robinette recorded Jazz Standards Volume 2: Then Again in 2000 when he was between bands. He enlisted the help of Joe Gilman (piano), Chris Symer (bass) and Michael Stephans (drums), all impressively virtuosic on their instruments. Robinette demonstrates great speed, creativity and dexterity while also expressing statements of real musical value on favorites like Miles Davis’ “Milestones,” Cole Porter’s “I Love You,” Johnny Green’s “Body and Soul,” and a couple by Theolonius Monk, “Monk’s Mood” and “San Francisco Holiday (Worry Later).” The guitarist especially likes songs from the legendary pop composer Jimmy Van Heusen and covers “I Thought About You,” “Like Someone in Love,” “Darn That Dream,” and “It Could Happen To You.” One might miss the lyrics on some numbers, but arrangements provide for the instruments to do the singing with their phrasing and interplay. The band is tight, and solos are inventive. Robinette plays with a nice light touch of delicacy and fluidity. This is an expertly played set, and I look forward to the remaining two volumes in the four-part series.   (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)