Album Review of
No More Waiting

Written by Robert Silverstein
April 20, 2019 - 4:03pm EDT
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Boston-area guitarist Jamie Dunphy came to the attention of this music fan thanks to the 2010 album he recorded with the jazz-fusion band called Mill City Trio. Jamie’s 2019 album, called No More Waiting, was recorded and released by his new rock project called Jamie Dunphy And True North. In a completely new direction, on the 25 minute, six-track No More Waiting, Jamie proves his merit as a guitarist, songwriter and lead singer. Speaking about the shift from his jazz-rock instrumental band to the country rock sound of his 2019 album, Jamie explains, "I’ve always considered myself a guitarist who sings, but I really enjoy singing. In earlier bands, I wrote primarily with other members of the group, contributing riffs and chord changes while leaving the lyrics to someone else. But over time I got more comfortable presenting full songs, particularly when I started leading that eight-piece group. After graduate school, I became immersed in jazz, and I didn’t sing publicly or write songs for many years. It’s been great fun getting back to it. I was surprised how long it took to get my voice back into shape, but I feel pretty strong now." Very much rooted the Dylan-esque Americana, country-rock style, the six track No More Waiting CD features Jamie’s excellent electric and acoustic guitar work and singing, backed up by the fine rhythm section of Seth Peterson (bass) and Tod Salmonson (drums, percussion). Produced by Brian Charles, the first CD by Jamie Dunphy and True North, No More Waiting shows the expansive range of talent and diversity from an excellent guitarist with a whole lotta varied musical influences and styles.