Album Review of
Play It Cool

Written by Robert Silverstein
July 3, 2024 - 5:31pm EDT
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The Frigidaires 2024 CD Play It Cool sets the stage for a pleasant West Coast instrumental surf sound, even if the band does come from Acworth, Georgia. Perhaps the thing that sets The Frigidaires apart from many surf-rock bands is their affinity for Beach Boys style vocal harmonies that appear front and center on a few of the 13 mostly instrumental guitar-centric tracks here.

Another interesting thing here is that the Frigidaires feature three different guitarists that also sing. With the band comprised of Nick Bazemore - guitars, vocals, Brad Mattocks - guitars, vocals, Chad Shivers - guitars, vocals, Matt Steadman – bass and Sean Zearfoss – drums, several guest artists lend a hand on the full-bodied Play It Cool, including Misha Stefanuk, who appears with his rare, album-closing, New Age instro piano rendition of “Tide Pools (Reprise)”.

Also of note is that the several vocal tracks are at times reminiscent of Brian Wilson’s post Beach Boys era. Sonically, The Frigidaires are kind of reminiscent of the post-surf era band The Sandals but in a more contemporary fashion, maybe more like Georgia’s very own mid 1980’s post-punk guitar phenomenon Love Tractor. Featuring very inexplicable album cover art, Play It Cool makes a good introduction to a band that will hopefully continue onwards and upwards.