Album Review of
Proceed to Route

Written by Robert Silverstein
October 7, 2019 - 2:43pm EDT
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Colorado-based guitarist / composer Wayne Wilkinson is making jazz fans happy with his 2019 album Proceed To Route. Having gigged all over the world, Wayne strikes jazz guitar gold with his new eleven cut album. Combining a range of originals and covers, Proceed To Route has something for both jazz fans and guitar buffs. For pop fans looking for a melodic approach, Wayne tackles the Paul McCartney / Wings era classic “My Love”, as a guitar instro and there's also uptempo covers of Jimmy Webb, Irving Berlin, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, all well situated among new tracks penned by Wayne. The band featured here, backing up Wayne on his eighth indie label release is also worth mentioning, including Andy Burtschi (bass), Todd Williams (drums) and Thomas J. Dawson, who, in addition to producing the album, adds in piano and strings on a pair of tracks. Jazz guitar fans will be mightily impressed with Wayne Wilkinson’s Proceed To Route.