Album Review of
Rainbow Baby

Written by Robert Silverstein
June 23, 2020 - 4:29pm EDT
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A key player on the Southern California jazz scene of the 2020’s, pianist/composer Cathlene Pineda entertains music fans with her latest album Rainbow Baby. The 9-track, 66-minute CD features Ms. Pineda’s piano-based compositions supported in the studio by Kris Tiner (trumpet), Tina Raymond (drums), and David Tranchina (bass). Described by the artist as “A narrative exploring the joy of birth, the sadness of two miscarriages, and the anxiety of illness in the family”, Rainbow Baby is simply a joy to experience. A solid showcase for Cathlene Pineda's technically astute piano chops and her emotionally gratifying compositions, Rainbow Baby is a delightful album filled with blissful, piano-centric instrumental sounds bound to be enjoyed by a range of jazz fans.