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Written by Robert Silverstein
August 31, 2023 - 5:39pm EDT
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A recently released album that deserves checking out among fans of the current surf-rock instrumental scene comes by way of Surfidia, the 2023 album by The Tourmaliners. The 14 track album features the music of the group’s lead guitarist Deven Berryhill, bass player Matt Clowminzer and his son and album producer Miles Clowminzer. Rounding out the lineup is Ina Soliz (keyboards), Joe Dameron (rhythm guitar) and John Macelwee (drums). After spinning Surfidia, it’s not surprising to learn that The Tourmaliners hail from San Diego in Southern California, the very place where surf-rock instrumentals have ruled since the early 1960s.

On Surfidia, The Tourmaliners play it straight and stick to the roots and origins of the most classic surf-rock artists such as The Ventures. Adding further cred, the album features guest appearances by well-regarded guitarists Eddie Angel of modern-day surf-rock legends Los Straightjackets and also Bob Spalding, rhythm guitarist from the latter day Ventures lineup. Start to finish, Surfidia is an album of well-played, to-the-point surf-rock instrumentals that will surely please fans of the time honored genre. The Tourmaliners album was released on Pacific Records and by the esteemed U.K. based Sharawaji Records for limited CD and 12" vinyl release.