Album Review of
The Golden Angle

Label: Shelton

Genres: Bluegrass

Styles: Contemporary Bluegrass, Bluegrass, Traditional Bluegrass

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Written by Joe Ross
September 25, 2018 - 12:00am EDT
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Mandolinist David Benedict is quickly making a name for himself and building a legion of fans for his innovative new acoustic instrumental music that combines elements of jazz and bluegrass into a beautiful aesthetic. His sophomore full-length album “The Golden Angle” presents just the right degree of musical balance of tradition and modernism to make for a very pleasant listen. Since earning a degree in mandolin performance and spending three years touring and recording, Benedict now collaborates with award-winning virtuosic musicians to paint captivating original soundscapes. The title track may seem a bit frenetic at times, but the masterful pickers rise to the challenge with tasteful dynamics, tone and technique. “Waltz for Griffin” and “Colonna & Smalls” demonstrate the band’s adept ability with slower, reflective material while “Lawnmower” exudes bluegrass drive (so I did miss hearing Wes Corbett’s banjo on that specific cut). Other standout tracks include memorable melodies interwoven with stylish and sophisticated improvisation such as “8 is My Favorite Color,” “Dorrigo,” “Madrona” and “The Red Room.”