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Written by Robert Silverstein
June 15, 2021 - 5:39pm EDT
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In 2019, the London-based duo known as Shining Pyramid released their second album, Children Of The Stones. A tough album to top, yet the band’s core axis of Nick Adams (guitars) and Peter Jeal (keyboards) bring home the bacon so to speak with the third Shining Pyramid album, entitled Tree. With the album title perhaps signifying the expansive growth and branching out of the Shining Pyramid sound and vision, the seven-track Tree continues on with the group’s impeccable approach to ultra-melodic and highly atmospheric electronic instrumental sounds. In the spirit of the duo’s self-titled debut and 2019’s Children Of The Stones, the 2021 release of Tree will surely bring in new listeners while no doubt enticing the band’s fans. At once progressive and experimental in nature, Tree is overgrown with a mix of instrumental space-rock, atmospheric electronica and melodic ambient moods. Even though there are just seven tracks, the 40 minute album features tracks that are supremely relaxing with well-performed instrumentals that range from four minutes to over ten minutes in length. Tree is nowhere near to pulsating discoid-based electronica. Instead Shining Pyramid turns in a relaxed, chill-out set guaranteed to captivate the listener while simultaneously bringing them on a journey to the center of their minds.