Album Review of
This Ol’ War

Written by Joe Ross
May 7, 2018 - 12:00am EDT
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Since her debut album “Turquoise” in 2016, Coco O’Connor did some reflection and soul-searching in the “glorious bigness” of the arid Southwest. Returning to Nashville, she’s teamed with producer Parker Cason to give us some clever, tuneful country songs with bluesy and rock colors. Both O’Connor and Cason consider themselves as “music industry outsiders,” and this works in their favor for freedom in approach and creativity. “Daddy’s Arms” is a loving tribute, while songs like “Abilene” and “The Devil, A Wounded Man & Me” are straight-ahead lyrical jaunts. “This Ol’ War” and “South of Santa Fe” are rhythmic and balladic. “Crenshaw County” is an ode to “a simple man, with a simple life” who finds his job in a shoe factory exported abroad after “20 years sweatin’ tears.” The album closes with rock-infused country (“Free State of Winston”). While only seven tracks, we learn a lot about Coco O’Connor’s expressive songwriting and versatility that should find her a solid place in Nashville. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)