Album Review of
Twenty's Plenty

Written by Robert Silverstein
May 22, 2021 - 5:25pm EDT
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Guitar fans love acoustic instrumental Ragtime guitar music. With its bouncy syncopation and with basic requirements incorporating nimble finger-style guitar techniques, many of the best rock, prog and jazz guitarists are well versed in the Ragtime genre, which skillfully blends the finest elements of fingerstyle and Gypsy Jazz guitar styles. A good example of Ragtime inspired fingerstyle guitar can be heard in all its glory on the 2020 release of Twenty’s Plenty from U.K. based guitar ace Chris Flegg. Among the genres touched upon here are Ragtime guitar, jazzy improvisation, acoustic folk, Hawaiian slack-key, and even vintage music in the style of 1930’s and ‘40s Gypsy Jazz. Armed solely with his Martin OMC-41 acoustic, Chris Flegg serves up 20 of his finest acoustic guitar inventions, many culled and redone from his last ten albums, while also bringing in some fresh tunes as well. Featuring all original music, and with 20 tracks to choose from, Twenty’s Plenty moves gracefully from one bouncy Ragtime-flavored instrumental to the next. The cover art is excellent and the 55-minute CD features track-by-track liner notes that sheds a detailed light on Chris Flegg's music and his devotion to acoustic guitar music.