Details of
Shed My Skin
by Stone Cupid


Sergio Webb guitar
Chris Tench guitar
Bones Hillman bass
Steve Latanation drums
Patterson Barrett piano

Lyrics Writer: Dan Navarro
Music Writer: Dan Navarro

Publisher: Jodada Music c/o BMG
Licensing: BMI


Shed My Skin

©Dan Navarro


Come on and take a ride

Across the border

To a place that once was mine

Out of focus

Out of order

Pictures from another time


On the outside

Turning lighter

So much darkness in my eyes

Gas or water

On the fire

Makes no difference

Something dies


So I take a piece of who I am

And stretch it thin

Every time I start to feel the walls 

Closing in

I Shed My Skin


Come on and take a ride

On the dragon

Hiding out behind the lines

Piling bodies 

On the wagon

Everyone's a friend of mine


But when I feel that bitter chill

In the wind

I swear that I can feel the room

Start to spin

So I Shed My Skin

I Shed My Skin, Oh


Through the smoke

Through the rubble

Through the crossfire - friends in need

On the inside

Of the bubble

We see what we choose to see - yeah.


Heart of Darkness

Hope and anger

The road to freedom paved with fear

Lead me back to

Where I came from

Somewhere far away from here


But the light to find my way back home

Is growing dim

And the sirens from behind my walls

Draw me in

So I Shed My Skin

I Shed My Skin

I Shed My Skin