Details of
Girl in the Sky
by Stone Cupid


Chris Tench guitars
Sergio Webb pedal steel guitar
Bones Hillman bass
Steve Latanation drums

Lyrics Writer: Amelia White
Music Writer: Amelia White

Publisher: Pussydog Music
Licensing: BMI


GIRL IN THE SKY    © Amelia White


It's a long way down when you're standing on a high wire

every tide of the wind can shake you to the bone

lose your focus and the ground will surely break you


you asked for the danger, you had to try

you passed on a simple life, your father cried

you wanted to get that high, but it's a long way down


Im so lonely I"m only a Girl in the Sky

Far from holy I'm only a dreamer


Everybody thinks your life is so exciting 

they'd love to taste the altitudes they' ve never known

when the birds sing out they think of you and wonder


how you came to that leap of flight and passed them by

why you changed to a different girl who had to try

how dare you to get so high, but it's a long way down


I"m so lonely I'm only a girl in the sky 

far from holy I"m only a dreamer

everyone walked away when they saw that I knew that I might fall



I'm so lonely I"m only a girl in your eyes

far from holy I"m only a dreamer…….