Details of
Broken as I Am
by Stone Cupid


Chris Tench baritone guitar, guitar
Sergio Webb guitar
Bones Hillman bass
Steve Latanation drums
Lee Thornburg flugelhorn, trumpet
Jeff Turmes saxophone, horn arrangement

Lyrics Writer: Julie Christensen
Music Writer: Julie Christensen

Publisher: Stone Cupid Music
Licensing: BMI


Broken As I Am


©2013 Julie Christensen

Stone Cupid Music BMI


The moon is almost full

And I can feel it pull

I can almost see the fireworks from Disneyland

And on this outbound train

The whistle blows a tired refrain

And I hope that you will take me back

As Broken As I Am

Broken as I Am.


The moon is almost gone

And I am movin on

Did some dirty work to get away from Disneyland

If you can hear this train

Clear out on the lonesome plains

Well, I hope that you will take me back

As Broken As I Am

Broken As I Am.



I couldn't see the forest for the trees across the road


But I never really found the one to lighten up the load

You lighten up the load


The moon's a thumbnail dome

And I am headed home

'Cause I've had my fill of fireworks and Disneyland

And now the leavin' train

Is gone and out of range

And I feel like you're the only one who even gives a damn

So I'm begging you to take me back

As Broken As I Am