Details of
Don't You Put Your Hands on Me
by Regina Bonelli

Lyrics Writer: Regina Bonelli
Music Writer: Regina Bonelli, Tomas Doncker, Michael Hill

Publisher: self
Licensing: ASCAP


Verse 1.

Got up one day, felt like I lost y soul

All my self-esteem went down that rabbit hole

Met some snakes residing there

Squeezed me half to death

Abuser come along tried to steal my breath



You can put your hands together when you pray

You can put your hands up high to say Hey

You can put your hands upon your bended knee

But don't you ever put your hands on me

Don't put your hands on me, no


Verse 2.

Ain't gonna judge nobody, we all got a hard way to go

Abuser come along said if you leave he gonna hurt you even more

Beatin' down a woman, and he calls himself a man

He's really just a little boy who doesn't understand