Details of
I'm Innocent
by Joe Kopicki

Lyrics Writer: Joe Kopicki
Music Writer: Joe Kopicki

Publisher: Joe Kopicki
Licensing: Joe Kopicki ASCAP


I came home late last night

My baby ready for a fight

She said Joe where you been It’s a half past two

I been waiting up all night on you

I said I’m Innocent In the first degree

She said, Joe why you say your innocent

I didn’t accuse you of anything


I said listen baby every thing is all right

I was out with the boys all night

We were playing some tunes and time slipped away

Ain’t up to nothing swear on my mothers grave

Im Innocent in the first degree

She said Joe that’s two times you say your innocent

You running around on me


She said you know that girl name sally 

That drive that mustang around town

She’s sweet on you Joe and the way you play that guitar

I saw her sitting with that smile on her face

She the reason you coming home so late

I said I’m innocent In the first degree

Im innocent please listen to me


I said yeah I know Sally and she better slow that mustang down

But me and that girl we aint never run around

Now I know what your thinking and it just aint true

My heart only belongs to you

I’m innocent in the first degree

I’m innocent please listen to me.


I’m gonna tell you with my guitar…


Now the lesson to this story is get yourself home at a decent time

And pay no attention to sally and any girl that look that fine

But if there’s one thing I can tell you is don’t throw yourself off a bridge

By repeatedly going on about how innocent you is…. 

Even if your innocent in the first degree

Innocent Just like me

Innocent the truth will set you free

Innocent in the first degree