Details of
Whiskey Colored Dreams
by Shannon & Heather Slaughter




                        © 2014  Writers: Terry Foust / Shannon Slaughter

                        Creekbed Music / Elite Circuit Music




I told him it’s all over what we once had is gone


When the bright lights fade to darkness don’t bother coming home


Don‘t call me up at closing time, go on and do your thing


Stop holding my heart hostage with your Whiskey Colored Dreams





Night after night loneliness moves in


Day after day the heartaches never end


Right or wrong, when love is gone, there ain’t no middle ground


Your Whiskey Colored Dreams are dying all over town




Gather ’round the good ol’ boys drinking at the bar


Tell them how I did you wrong and broke your country heart


Pull up a stool and settle in, see what tomorrow brings


And pour yourself another glass (shot) of Whiskey Colored Dreams



Right or wrong when love is gone and there ain’t no middle ground

Your whiskey colored dreams are dying all over town