Details of
Risk it All For Love
by Tom Faia & Kate Miller

Producer: Vince Sanchez
Engineer: Vince Sanchez
Recorder At: VSO Studios - Santa Cruz, Casa Bella - Scalea, Italy
Mastered By: Vince at VSO Studios

About the Album

Risk it All For Love is Tom and Kate's fourth CD in four years. It follows their highly successful, Stay Away From the Flame, which charted on the AMA Americana chart and the Roots Music Report, Country and Americana charts.

The ten song set is a combination of Folk, Americana and Soft Rock. It features the vocal harmonies and wonderful songwriting that have brought the pair well deserved attention. Like the last album, Stay Away From The Flame, there is a fair amount of harmonica handling the lead lines. However, this one seems to have more prominent percussion, setting the table for more of a full band sound than the duo has worked with in the past.

They straddle so many influences and siphon them into one smooth and pleasing cocktail that is very easy on the ears. The songs are well crafted with attention paid to all the details.