The Roots Music Report's
Top Alternative Folk Song Chart
for the Year of 2022

Rank Song Title Band/Artist Name
1CrutchBand Of Horses
212th of JuneLyle Lovett
3Count Me DownJohn Craigie
4Make Myself Me AgainCristina Vane
5Fall Apart WorldMary Gauthier
6Warning SignsBand Of Horses
7SanctuaryHiss Golden Messenger
8Here We Go AgainThe Waterboys
9Laurie Rolled Me a JJohn Craigie
10Spruce & PineSLPSTRM
11Pants is OverratedLyle Lovett
12PassengersAoife O'Donovan
13Pure FoolKeith Rayburn
14AgainPixie and The Partygrass Boys
15American Dream CafeJohn Roy Zat
16I'm a Salmon in the RiverJohn Roy Zat
17I Took Hold of Your HandJohn Roy Zat
18Except for That One ThingJohn Roy Zat
19Let's Take the Long Way HomeJohn Roy Zat
20The Real ThingParker Millsap
21Billie JeanAlexandr Misko
22Stone ThroatGlen Phillips
23TomorrowCassie Jean and the Fireflies
24Early Summer of '21Peter Mulvey
25Movin' Up Neck on Your GuitarLinda Sussman
26A Better SceneLinda Sussman
27Dark Enough to See the StarsMary Gauthier
28Deja VuLinda Sussman
29The Light Moves inLinda Sussman
30Chain of HopeLinda Sussman
31Hawks Don't ShareCarson McHone
32Honey We Gonna FlyLinda Sussman
33ShadowThe Ballroom Thieves
34Dream BigLinda Sussman
35Things Have ChangedCristina Vane
36PhoenixAoife O'Donovan
37Truckers and TroubadoursMary Gauthier
38Summer Dream (feat. Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson & Josh Kaufman)Bonny Light Horseman
39Moon ValleySLPSTRM
40How You Doin'Cristina Vane
41Straighten Up and Fly RightLyle Lovett
42AmsterdamMary Gauthier
43Good NewsBrandon Reeves
44I'm Still StandingJanis Ian
45Till I See You AgainMary Gauthier
46Will You Hold My HandLinda Sussman
47Without WaterDavid G Smith
48Who CaresDavid G Smith
49In the MorningThe Ballroom Thieves
50Always Old Friends (feat. Tom Kimmel)Dana Cooper
51Better Times Will ComeJanis Ian
52Women Who Walked on WaterJoy Zimmerman
53I'll Be LostHeather Sarona
54Pitseleh (feat. Madison Cunningham)Watkins Family Hour
55MedusaWes Collins
56HelenaJohn Craigie
57Don't Want to Let It GoHeather Sarona
58Streamline TrainVan Morrison
59Better Than What I GotHeather Sarona
60BorderlineThe Ballroom Thieves
61Prodigal DaughterAoife O'Donovan
62Upside Down DayDana Cooper
63Sometimes BabyCristina Vane
64Such a TownTerry Klein
65HypnotizedWatkins Family Hour
66Dancing with the DarkJanis Ian
67Little Black CloudCristina Vane
68Heaven and LightRiver Whyless
69Love is the Only ThingPeter Mulvey
70The Goddess Wears a Dirty CrownEdan Archer
71(Truth Is) I Am FoundVanessa Lively
72The Things You Think You KnowChuck Brodsky
73Soft AnimalPeter Mulvey
74GalahadAoife O'Donovan
75Head Above WaterHeather Sarona
76Don't Be DiscouragedPeter Lehndorff
77Not Enough TimeJoy Zimmerman
78I Can Face the TruthDana Cooper
79ShineDavid G Smith
80Jesse JamesDavid G Smith
81Baptize the GumboJefferson Ross
82The GoldfinchTerry Klein
83JabberwockiesWes Collins
84You Can't Go Home AgainJefferson Ross
85Prairie WindJoy Zimmerman
86Wandering YearsBrandon Reeves
87Now and the EvermoreColin Hay
88In the Hills, in the PinesShannon & The Clams
89In the Hard TimesBand Of Horses
90Wake Up CryingPhil Lee
91I Like WomenPhil Lee
92If This is ItChuck Brodsky
93The Mocking OnesLyle Lovett
94Water Flowing DownwardAndrea von Kampen
95ArtiboniteLeyla McCalla
96I'm So Lonesome I Could CryDana Cooper
97It Takes Two WingsChuck Brodsky
98Oh DeliveranceVanessa Lively
99Light the StageJoy Zimmerman
100The SolitudeBedouine
101Where Are You NowMary Gauthier
102Forever After AllPhil Lee
103SwannanoaJanis Ian
104Ours for a Little WhileDana Cooper
105So Far So GoodPeter Lehndorff
106Can't See Stars (feat. Kevin Morby)Erin Rae
107Roman Candle EyesShred Kelly
108Shake It Loose TodayLinda Sussman
109Fort DimancheLeyla McCalla
110In Need of RepairBand Of Horses
111Bucket ListJohn McCutcheon
112Late to BloomRachel Garlin
113ElevatorsAoife O'Donovan
114Summer in New YorkJanis Ian
115Crumbling DownVanessa Lively
116DamianThe Dream Syndicate
117HungerRobinson & Rohe
118LouisaRobinson & Rohe
119See You on the Other SidePeter Mulvey
120Flower and the VineDana Cooper
121ConfluenceAni DiFranco
122Turquoise and TangerineJefferson Ross
123The State That We Are inRachel Garlin
124Modern WomanErin Rae
125Jenny and JamesWes Collins
126Rare to WakeShannon Lay
127Heavy HeartFortunate Ones
128Ghost Hotel (feat. the Bosco Boys)Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys
129Alabama is a Winding RoadJefferson Ross
130She Left Me Standing on the Mountain (feat. Willie Watson)Watkins Family Hour
131Fast Like a MatchRiver Whyless
132BluebirdDana Cooper
133Sister StarlingAoife O'Donovan
134Pig Meat ManLyle Lovett
135The Night That John Prine DiedJohn McCutcheon
136Thank God for YouMary Gauthier
137Michigan CherryRiver Whyless
138The MeadowMary Gauthier
139Small Town Nashville BluesCristina Vane
140Broken BellTony Furtado
141Deep Blue DivingCalista Garcia
142MosaicJoy Zimmerman
143I Come fromOrdinary Elephant
144Wyoming WildflowersRachel Baiman
145Going HomeIna May Wool
146Going Through the PicturesIna May Wool
147Hot SpringsJefferson Ross
148Golden TreasureVanessa Lively
149Nothing Can ChangePeter Lehndorff
150Half the TimeCalista Garcia
151Pray for RainPeter Mulvey
152Pretty SaroRobinson & Rohe
153Peel Me a GrapeLyle Lovett
154Eye of the StormLinda Sussman
155Until It Takes a HoldBrandon Reeves
156True Love's FaceErin Rae
157Time is a Holy GhostRiver Whyless
158Old Men Drinking Seagram'sPeter Mulvey
159This Ol' GuitarWhiteWater Ramble
160Drift AwayErin Rae
161What Do You Want from Yourself?Aoife O'Donovan
162Might As Well BePhil Lee
163The Country Needed BaseballChuck Brodsky
164ZeroMolly Tuttle
165Give Yourself to LoveAlice DiMicele
166When You Bloom (Colorado)Rachel Baiman
167Be StillJohn McCutcheon
168WallsDana Cooper
169If Your Life Were a MovieJoy Zimmerman
170A Little MoreHeather Sarona
171Southern CurrencyJefferson Ross
172Daddy's JailPhil Lee
173Peace, Love and Brilliant ColorsMichael McDermott
174Last SaturdayWes Collins
175Fuller BrushJohn McCutcheon
176Center of the CircleGlen Phillips
177She's a RainbowMolly Tuttle
178Sonny Days Ahead (feat. Sonny Landreth)Jake Shimabukuro
179Where is the MedicineDavid G Smith
180RoomBrandon Reeves
181DodininLeyla McCalla
182BiloxiHiss Golden Messenger
183My WingHiss Golden Messenger
184One Tree HillWhiteWater Ramble
185ThirtyThe Weather Station
186Through the PinesTrout Steak Revival
187RollingParker Millsap
188Full Moon RisingAlex Krawczyk
189Wichita LinemanColin Hay
190MagdaleneAndrea von Kampen
191ArtJohn McCutcheon
192FarmerJohn McCutcheon
193It's NotJohn McCutcheon
194B61Aoife O'Donovan
195Age of ApathyAoife O'Donovan
196The Ballad of Dick TrickleTerry Klein
197Lost in PlaceRiver Whyless
198Gee, Baby, Ain’t I Good to YouLyle Lovett
199Bully JimChuck Brodsky
200River RollCristina Vane

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