The Roots Music Report's
Top Acoustic Blues Song Chart
for the Year of 2016

Rank Song Title Band/Artist Name
1Woman on FireAmy Black
2Delta PinesIvor S.K.
3More Pepper in Your ChiliTim Williams
4Missus GreenIvor S.K.
5Show Me a ManSunday wilde
6The Happiest Man in the World (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
7I Like the WayIvor S.K.
8Anywhere C/O the BluesTim Williams
9I'll Farm for You (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
10Momma's Drinkin's DoneSunday wilde
11Muddy Waters (Live) [feat. Chris Wilson]Mr. Black & Blues
12My Big MoneyTim Williams
13Let's Boogie (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
14Lightnin'Tim Williams
15Love Me All the WayFiona Boyes
16She Can't Give Me the BluesDave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band
17Help Poor MeIvor S.K.
18Sweet Time BluesChris Yakopcic
19Born to Be Your Man (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
20If You LiveTim Williams
21Phonograph BluesChris Yakopcic
22King Size Bed (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
23John the Conquer RootSunday wilde
24Early in the MorningSunday wilde
25I Want You (Live)Doug MacLeod
26You Really Got Me (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
27Come on in My Kitchen (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
28Rain SongDave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band
29The Witching HourTim Williams
30Tossin' An' Turnin' (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
31Let Me inRory Gallagher
32Long Time RoadDoug MacLeod
33Leaning BluesJJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
34Detroit DriveEliza Neals
35Come on inSunday wilde
36Parchman Farm BluesRory Block
37Run John RunBlind Lemon Pledge
38Can't Stay Here No MoreFiona Boyes
39Daddy DaddySunday wilde
40Spooky RhythmRory Block
41Lowdown Blues (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
42Big RiverTim Williams
43That Kind of Walk (Live)Dave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band
44Ain't No UseJJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
45DimplesCrossroads Duo
46Tube Snake BoogieCrossroads Duo
47Windy and WarmAndy Cohen
48Toolin' Down the Road (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
49Panama LimitedRory Block
50Sweet Mary JaneDave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band
51Home Cookin (Live)Doug MacLeod
52Helicopter Blues John D'Amato
53Creole Café (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
54Big City Woman (Live)Doug MacLeod
55Too Many TroublesSunday wilde
56Fixin' to Die BluesRory Block
57Vodka and Red BullJoel Zoss
58Blow Wind Blow (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
59The Worst is Yet to ComeKeb Mo
60Write Me a Few LinesChris Yakopcic
61The Next Place I LeaveChris Yakopcic
62Mother Earth Blues (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
63Sweet Tea & BourbonAustin Walkin' Cane
64Bukka's DayRory Block
65Cold Rain (Live)Doug MacLeod
66Nothin' but the BluesCrossroads Duo
67It's AlrightCrossroads Duo
68Motherless Chile BluesMichael Jerome Browne
69RayleneDoug MacLeod
70Prison of Time (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
71Animal Kingdom (feat. Kim Richardson & Alan Prater)Cécile Doo-Kingué
72Bad Magic (Live)Doug MacLeod
73Baby Please Don't GoFiona Boyes
74Hot (Live)Jocelyn & Chris Arndt
75The Grizzly BearTim Williams
76Turkey Leg Woman (Live)Doug MacLeod
77Devil You KnowFiona Boyes
78The New Panama Limited (Live)Doug MacLeod
79Long Time Road (Live)Doug MacLeod
80Old & StiffFiona Boyes
81Ain't My Good Girl NowDave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band
82If I Should DieFiona Boyes
83Chocolate ManEric Bibb
84Nobody's Fault but MineJJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
85Ribbon of DarknessLes Copeland
86Pistol SnapperTim Williams
87DizzyCrossroads Duo
88Too Much to Me (Live)Jocelyn & Chris Arndt
89Can't Believe It's This GoodJJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
90Black Crow (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
91Six LettersCécile Doo-Kingué
92At the CrossroadsFiona Boyes
93At the Wheel AgainJJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
94Back to MemphisRory Block
95Sounds of the HighwayChris Yakopcic
96Smallman StreetChris Yakopcic
97You Gotta MoveKat Danser
98Why We Love Each OtherLes Copeland
99Left Handed Soul (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
100StagoleeRory Block
101Low Down Dirty Dog BluesRory Block
102Catfish FiestaFiona Boyes
103Cinderella (Live)Jocelyn & Chris Arndt
104Bring It on HomeTom Jones
105It's Not the First Time, Vol. 2Lawrence Lebo
106Prodigal SonGuy Davis
107Horse with No RiderDoug MacLeod
108Trouble No MoreMat Walklate
109Broken Heart Blues (Live) [feat. Chris Wilson]Mr. Black & Blues
110Blue Line Blues, Vol. 2Lawrence Lebo
111AddictedChris Yakopcic
112Ain't Got It AllDave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band
113Kiss Me DarlingFiona Boyes
114Checkin' Up on My BabyCrossroads Duo
115One of These Days (feat. Reno Jack)Sunday wilde
116Preachin' BluesChris Yakopcic
117Kind Hearted ManRory Block
118Black LimousineJJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
119You Gotta KnowDave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band
120PelicanIvor S.K.
121My Baby (She's a Good 'Un)Crossroads Duo
122That Man Drives Me MadSunday wilde
123Face in the MirrorFiona Boyes
124Slushy Blues (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
125Candy ManRory Block
126House in the FieldHowellDevine
127Seldom Seen SlimAndy Cohen
128Yellow BirdCary Morin
129Factory GirlTom Jones
130The Masters Plan (Live)Doug MacLeod
131Love Changing BluesFiona Boyes
132Get Your Own Man (Live)Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden
133Fishin' BluesTaj Mahal
134Semi Naked Shoe-ShineDave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band
135Sorrowful BluesSunday wilde
136Have You Seen My RiderJoel Zoss
137Passionola (feat. Eric Johnson)Sonny Landreth
138Look Before I LeapNathan James
139AvalonRory Block
140That's AlrightKeb Mo
141Get Up N GoHarrison Kennedy
142Between the LinesMatt Andersen
143Jason SoloJJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
144Five and Ten Cent BluesAndy Cohen
145To Be in Your CompanyLes Copeland
146KnuckleheadLes Copeland
147Come on Over, Come on byJJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
148I'd Be Lonely TooLes Copeland
149Tower of SongChris Yakopcic
1501912 Skiing Disaster (with Danny Thompson)Eric Bibb
151Ain't No Big Deal on YouMat Walklate
152Fat ManMat Walklate
153Black Cat BoneMat Walklate
154MoneyMat Walklate
155Walking While I Bleed (Live)Doug MacLeod
156Let the Good Times RollMagic Dick & Shun Ng
157Nothing but LoveMat Walklate
158Midnight CreepAustin Walkin' Cane
159Six Letters (feat. Daniel Joseph, Jesse Padgett & J.C. Dook)Cécile Doo-Kingué
160Sunshine Lady (feat. Malika Tirolien)Cécile Doo-Kingué
161Midnight After MidnightTim Williams
162Time to GoChris Yakopcic

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