The Roots Music Report's
Top Electric Blues Song Chart
for the Year of 2019

Rank Song Title Band/Artist Name
1A Few Good YearsBuddy Guy
2The Blues is Alive and WellBuddy Guy
3Guilty As ChargedBuddy Guy
4Cognac (feat. Jeff Beck & Keith Richards)Buddy Guy
5Outside Woman BluesSaverio Maccne & Double Ace
6The Only Thing I've GotSaverio Maccne & Double Ace
7Stop Me when I'm LyingToronzo Cannon
8All I Need to KnowSeth Walker
9Don't Owe You a ThangGary Clark Jr.
10Still Got the BluesGary Moore
11The Preacher, the Politician or the PimpToronzo Cannon
12In the Blood of the BluesShemekia Copeland
13Rememberin' StevieBuddy Guy
14Damn Right, I've Got the BluesBuddy Guy
15Get Together or Get ApartToronzo Cannon
16The Ballad of a BurglarJ.P. Reali
17My Baby Loves to BoogieJ.P. Reali
18Bluesy ChristmasVal Starr & The Blues Rocket
19The Chicago WayToronzo Cannon
20Ordinary WomanToronzo Cannon
21Ain't Got Time for HateShemekia Copeland
22Another Circus Left the TownSaverio Maccne & Double Ace
23Walking BluesSaverio Maccne & Double Ace
24Let Me Lay My Love on YouToronzo Cannon
25A Highway CruiseJ.P. Reali
26Palace of the KingFreddie King
27Would You Take My Blood?Shemekia Copeland
28InsuranceToronzo Cannon
29Two Steps ForwardKirk Fletcher
30She Loved Me (Again)Toronzo Cannon
31Imagination is WaitingSaverio Maccne & Double Ace
32That's What I Love About 'ChaToronzo Cannon
33Blues for CaseyJ.P. Reali
34The Luther Johnson Thing (feat. Luther Johnson, Sugar Ray Norcia & Anthony Geraci)Peter Ward
35Sad Sad DayKirk Fletcher
36Anytime SoonTommy Castro
37Believe in LoveMark Crissinger
38Nine Below ZeroBuddy Guy
39Whiskey for BloodJ.P. Reali
40Flashing BackSaverio Maccne & Double Ace
41You Need MeKirk Fletcher
42Devil's SmileRay Cashman
43Nothing BetterGriff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
44The Silence of My FriendsToronzo Cannon
45DupreeKirk Fletcher
46Hold onKirk Fletcher
47Put on Your Red Dress BabyTeeny Tucker
48Gotta RightKirk Fletcher
49Blue No More (feat. James Bay)Buddy Guy
50End of the LineBuddy Guy
51Church House Prayer (feat. Robert Hughes)Teeny Tucker
52I'd Rather Go Blind (Long Version) [feat. Robert Hughes]Teeny Tucker
53Salt in My WoundsShemekia Copeland
54Something Always Slows Me Down (feat. Sugar Ray Norcia & Anthony Geraci)Peter Ward
55A Westerly Sunday Night (feat. Sugar Ray Norcia)Peter Ward
56The AnswerKirk Fletcher
57Roll with the PunchesMark Crissinger
58Lead Me onJohnny & The Headhunters
59Jump Back (feat. Robert Hughes)Teeny Tucker
60Loving That FeelingKern Pratt
61Blues Elixir (Ronnie's Here) [feat. Ronnie Earl & Sugar Ray Norcia]Peter Ward
62Statesboro BluesKerry Kearney Band
63Feet on the GroundRay Cashman
64Ooh DaddyBuddy Guy
65Bad DayBuddy Guy
66Ninety Nine and One HalfBuddy Guy
67Wear You out (feat. Billy Gibbons)Buddy Guy
68Electric PistolRay Cashman
69Worship MeLisa Lystam Family Band
70Key Don't FitBuddy Guy
71No BirdSeth Walker
72Crack the Door (feat. Robert Hughes)Teeny Tucker
73Almost Level with the GroundGriff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
74Feels Like RainBuddy Guy
75I'm Not ScaredToronzo Cannon
76Whiskey for SaleBuddy Guy
77Somebody Up ThereBuddy Guy
78Reefer Headed WomanRay Cashman
79When You Are Mine (feat. Sugar Ray Norcia)Peter Ward
80The Wrong IdeaShemekia Copeland
81Old FashionedBuddy Guy
82The First 24Toronzo Cannon
83One I LoveShemekia Copeland
84Love Don't Hurt (feat. Robert Hughes)Teeny Tucker
85Pickle JuiceRay Cashman
86Bee Hive BabyReverend Raven & The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys
87Same to YouGriff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
88Memphis on the WayBrad Absher
89You Did the Crime (feat. Mick Jagger)Buddy Guy
90Feeling the BluesSaverio Maccne & Double Ace
91Bourbon and a PistolGriff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
92I Sing the BluesTeeny Tucker
93LocomotionEric Corne
94I Can't Slow DownMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
95Help the BearBig Bill Morganfield
96Shake Your Money MakerJohnny & The Headhunters
97Coffee Song (feat. Michelle Willson)Peter Ward
98When My Day ComesBuddy Guy
99All My Whole LifeJohnny & The Headhunters
100I Hear You're TalkingMark Crissinger
101La Hoochie CooMark Crissinger
102Baby's Got Another LoverKern Pratt
103Change (Ain't Never for the Good) [feat. Johnny Nicholas, Sugar Ray Norcia & Anthony Geraci]Peter Ward
104As Long As I Have a Chance (feat. Sugar Ray Norcia & Anthony Geraci)Peter Ward
105Lost Without LoveBig Bill Morganfield
106Chicken HouseJohnny & The Headhunters
107Mustang SallyBuddy Guy
108Reelin' and Rockin'Chuck Berry
109Recovery BluesRonnie Earl & The Broadcasters
110Alternative Man AlternativeMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
111Let Life FlowKenny Neal
112She Wanted to Give It to MeTommy Castro
113Torn Between Love and HateKern Pratt
114Smoked Ham and PeachesShemekia Copeland
115Down and outGriff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
116Where Would I Begin (Single Barrel Version)Griff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
117SomeoneGriff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
118Louisiana Holiday (Single Barrel Version)Griff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
119Times TickingKirk Fletcher
120Hey JoeJimi Hendrix
121First Time I Met the BluesBuddy Guy
122No More Will ISeth Walker
123Thick Like Mississippi MudBuddy Guy
124Light It Up (feat. Michael Ledbetter)Nick Moss
125My TrainBlackburn
126Death LetterJohnny Winter
127Why I Sing the BluesBlackburn
128Try Try TryLisa Lystam Family Band
129Help SomeoneBig Bill Morganfield
130I'm Not Like Everybody elseShemekia Copeland
131Pulling Me DownMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
132Whiskey in the MorningMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
133I Don't Need No DoctorMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
134Miss BossMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
13535 Miles to EmptyMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
136The ViperMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
137Don't Look Back (In the Rear View Mirror)Teeny Tucker
138Heart, Mind & SoulTeeny Tucker
139Train to Key Biscayne (feat. Johnny Nicholas)Peter Ward
140Something's Gone WrongKern Pratt
141Chicken HeadsKern Pratt
142NolaKern Pratt
143Got to End (Single Barrel Version)Griff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band
144Well I Done Got over ItBuddy Guy
145This is the EndBuddy Guy
146Crying out of One EyeBuddy Guy
147Ain't Missin' You (feat. Tim Fik)Bridget Kelly Band
148One Room Country ShackBuddy Guy
149Wake Up CallTommy Castro
150Stone CrazyBuddy Guy
151Born to Play GuitarBuddy Guy
152Whiskey, Beer & WineBuddy Guy
153If You See My BabyBridget Kelly Band
154Can't Call Her NameBig Bill Morganfield
155Milking Muther for YaBuddy Guy
156AmericansShemekia Copeland
157Body and Fender ManJohnny & The Headhunters
158Ace of SpadesJohnny & The Headhunters
159I'ma Gonna Love YouMark Crissinger
160Alternative ManMick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band
161I Saw Your Home (feat. Michelle Willson)Peter Ward
162You Just Have to Let It RollSaverio Maccne & Double Ace
163Baby Please Don't Leave MeBuddy Guy
164Burning HellJoe Bonamassa
165First Time I Met the Blues 1960 Single VersionBuddy Guy
166I Smell a RatBuddy Guy
167Future BluesWentus Blues Band
168RainbowWentus Blues Band
169Wrapped Up in LoveWentus Blues Band
170Give Your Woman What She Wants (From the Motion Picture "The April Fools")Taj Mahal
171UnderdogSeth Walker
172Don't Lie (Single Barrel Version)Griff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band

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